Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Free Starbucks Sample Party On January 13, 2009

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A friend gave me a coupon for a free tall cup of Tazo Tea Lattes so this morning I tried the Vanilla Rooibos Tazo Tea Latte. For me the description of the drink sounded far better than the actual taste. It is described as a full leaf African rooibos tea (naturally caffeine free), also known as red tea, paired with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. Sweetened with classic syrup and topped with steamed milk and velvety foam. Now doesn’t that sound yummy? The price, not so much.

As I said mine was free but I don’t think I will be headed back to spend my money there. I was also given a card which allows me to get a tall Tao Tea Latte or Tazo Tea Infusion for $2 after 2 pm.. If you are feeling Starbucks deprived I did receive an email invitation letting me know that my local Starbucks would be holding a Tea Time Event on January 13, 2009 at 2 pm. It will have complimentary tea and food samples.

Here’s the low-down if you want to sample their tea and are uncertain which one to ask for. Remember, be thrifty have someone look for the free coupon for you or just attend the free sample event. Keep hold of your wallet. Most of the tea offerings are less than 200 calories for a tall size (12 fl oz) and most provide more antioxidants than an 8-ounce glass of orange juice, which are essential to protecting the body’s immune system.

Starbucks new Full Leaf Tazo® Tea Lattes are our first handcrafted tea offerings to use full-leaf tea bags in our stores, allowing customers to steep to their own taste preferences. Starbucks Tea Lattes are made from a soothing combination of steamed milk and Tazo® tea and are available in three new varieties:

Vanilla Rooibos Tazo® Tea Latte
A caffeine-free South African botantical carefully blended with vanilla and spices.

London Fog Tazo® Tea Latte
Delicate, floral earl grey tea with Italian bergamot, vanilla and lavender.

Black Tazo® Tea Latte
With a bold, invigorating aroma, black tea has hints of dark caramel, malt and black cherries.

Berry Chai Tazo Tea Infusion
A handcrafted blend of berry juices, Tazo® tea and exotic spices.

Apple Chai Tazo® Tea Infusion
Crisp apples meet black tea and exotic spices.

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