Monday, January 12, 2009

The Big Announcement


PlanetX64 bills itself as a site that provides hardware and software for the 64 bit world. It is a great site for Technology News Guides and Editorials. It was there that Catherine discovered the HP Magic Giveaway. HP and Microsoft. were giving away $6,000 worth of gear, including four computers (a 25 inch touchscreen desktop, two laptops and HP’s newest Netbook), a media extender, printer and a bunch of software/DVDs). Entrants had to create a slideshow showing the magic of giving and write an essay about the difference such a prize would make in the life of others.

Catherine is a Business Teacher at Rome High School. She teaches an Entrepreneurship class and four of her students have gone on to start their own businesses. She recently began blogging because of its application for marketing. Her blog “Thrifty Maven” ( informs its readers of great deals and money saving ideas.

Word of Mouth is a tremendously powerful form of advertising and Blogs are an incredible tool for disseminating information. She knew right away what a wonderful addition an HP Notebook would make in her classroom. So she decided to enter this giveaway, hoping to win a computer for use in her classroom and for her youngest son who will be leaving for Iraq in February.

Some sixty-four of the Fortune 500 companies are blogging. Blogs can be a powerful marketing tool. "No one listens anymore to sanitized marketing messages. If you find the right person in your organization to “blog” about your products or services you’ll brand your company as authentic and knowledgeable," says Debbie Weil, publisher of WordBiz Report.

Catherine is excited that she will be able to use some of the great HP technology in her classroom. Rome High School was recently recognized by US News and World Report and recognized last year for having the highest SAT scores in the state of Georgia. “I think we are still Rome’s best kept secret.” says Catherine. “We have amazing teachers, committed administrators, and our students want to succeed.”

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