Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chili's Guiltless Grill - I'm In!!!

I haven't participated in a bzz campaign in awhile because I've been so busy but this was one I could pass up!!!! The new guiltless Grill contains six delicious entrees that have less than 750 calories each. There are two re-invented favorites, plus four new choices, including Guiltless Carne Asada Steak, Guiltless Cedar Plank Tilapia and a Guiltless Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Usually when you sign up you get coupons for free meals. Hey if it gets here quickly, that could be Valentine's Day dinner. Yippeee. Be sure to come back and find out how this bzz goes.

Want to become a BzzAgent? You can email me with your email and I will send you an invite. As a BzzAgent, you'll get to: Discover and try new products and services (often for free). Spread sincere word of mouth about them. Have your opinions influence some of the biggest companies and brands around.

If you are afraid you will get on a mailing list then do what I do. I have set up an email account that I use anytime I need to sign up for something like mailing list for coupons, etc. This way, if there is spam then it goes there and doesn't bother your regular address. I have received lots of cool things from Bzz Agent like: Free Nights in Hotels, Free meals at Chilis (a different campaign than this one), three months of free dog food, three sonicare toothbrushes, and more. When you report your bzz you earn points on mypoints to it works really well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free Diet Dr Pepper

You can get a free 20 oz Diet Dr Pepper or a free 2 ltr Diet Dr Pepper. There's nothing Diet About it. You must be one of the first 200,000 people to register. The coupon will expire 6/30/09.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pursue You Passions

While clipping my coupons this morning I noticed that Advil has a sweepstakes where you can win $25,000 to pursue the things you love.

One lucky Grand Prizewinner the chance to win $25,000 and a trip for two to see a live taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show in Los Angeles, CA. Five First Prize Winners and their guests will also attend Ellen’s show with $500 spending money. Ten thousand (10,000) Second Prize Winners will receive a 20-count bottle of Advil®.

Just fill out the form and submit for your chance to win. Come back often! You can enter once a day for more chances to win. Entering is quick and easy! Winners will be selected in a random drawing held on or about December 7, 2009 from among all eligible entries received by an independent judging organization. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Sweepstakes ends November 30, 2009.

Good Luck!

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

I just love audiobooks. With a commute of slightly over an hour one way five days a week I feel that I'm putting my time to good use when I'm listening to audiobooks. Over the past several years I've read some of the classics that I've always meant to read like The Jungle and Atlas Shrugged. I listened to the unabridged Official 9/11 Report. I've listened to fun books like the Sweet Potato Queen books and drama like The Kite Runner.

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People is a book I've read before but it's one that you can read again and again and learn something new each time you read it. That's why I'm sharing this link where you can get a FREE audiobook download.

Free Healthy Habits Activity Books

Teach kids healthy habits the fun way--brought to you by the makers of LYSOL® and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP).
The activities focus on a variety of health and safety issues that are important to children today. Aimed at 6 - 9 year olds, the program allows children to engage in fun activities as they learn about various health and safety topics.

The Healthy Habits Activity Booklet mailed to you free of charge. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Valentine's Day Cards

Heart-shaped sweets

The Beatles once crooned that Money Can’t Buy Me Love but is that really true? This year Mr. Thrifty and I are trying to see just how thrifty we can be when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I began to think of all the things that traditionally hearken the sentimentality of this special day. I’ve always been a sucker for flowers for Valentine’s Day and for me a card of some kind is a must. For some people dinner out is a must and for others all is right in the world if a box of candy comes their way.

I’m searching the stores and the web to help you save money this Valentine’s Day. Now is not too soon to be thinking about it. Just last week I bought a roll of red and gold wrapping paper, for 20 cents during an after Christmas sale. A little planning now will go a long way later towards making this Valentine’s Day the best ever without busting your budget.

Today I’m going to tell you where you can get six FREE Valentine’s Day cards. When I say free I’m saying FREE including shipping. The site is called Stories by Everyone. What makes these extra special is you can upload your favorite photo to the card to personalize it. I uploaded a photo of us that was taken a few years ago on an amazing vacation I won. This is one of our favorite memories. You might take out that dress you know he just loves on you and have your picture taken in it. Do you have kids? See if you can get a friend to take a photo of you and your little ones.

Your free cards even allow you to personalize it with a special note. It can be something simple. I wrote Forever I know you'll be here in my heart and in my arms. When you are ready for checkout look at the bottom of the bill and you will see where they ask you for a coupon. Simply write the word: VALENTINE and proceed. You will see your bill then drops from under $6 to FREE. Even better shipping is free. It did ask for my credit card number but since there was NO MONEY due I simply clicked proceed and I received an order summary. Hurry, offer expires February 1, 2009. Not valid with any other offer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Donut Deal


Dunkin' Donuts has introduced a limited-time-only donut offering to celebrate the inauguration. During inaugural week, Dunkin' Donuts customers can enjoy a special new "Stars & Stripes" donut, a frosted donut decorated with red, white and blue star-shaped sprinkles.

The new donut is available nationwide Jan. 17-20 at participating Dunkin' Donuts shops for the suggested retail price of 89 cents. Participating Dunkin' Donuts shops in Washington, D.C., and other select markets will celebrate the inauguration of the 44th President by offering the "Stars & Stripes" donut for 44 cents with the purchase of a medium hot coffee or hot chocolate through Jan. 20, 2009.

Free Coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks is giving a free, large cup of coffee to its customers. It's all in honor of President-elect Barack Obama's historic inauguration and his plea to get more people involved in community service and volunteer work. In exchange for a hot beverage of your choice, Starbucks is asking customers to sign a pledge card promising they will volunteer for five hours this year. The goal of the effort is to raise pledges in excess of one million hours of service from all over the country.The "I'm In" campaign starts January 21 and runs until January 25, 2009.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Donuts

Stack of Chocolate Donuts

Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts (or doughnuts, as they call them) Inauguration Day. The company announced in a press release that it will be "honoring American's sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies. Free can be very sweet.

Find a participating location here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My First Blog Contest

This is our first blog contest. We have to start small but hopefully we will be able to get companies to sponsor contests if I can generate the traffic. As many of you know, I teach Business classes and this will be an experiment for me that i will talk to my students about. Kind of a hands on learning experience. I believe that more and more companies will use bloggers to get out word of mouth advertising.

I know there are people who don't like blog contests and that's fine I just felt I should let you all know the day before I open it to everyone else.

What am I giving away? SoyJoy bars.

This sweep has two winners. Each winner will receive one box of Mango Coconut SoyJoys (a box contains 6 bars)


This sweep is giving away one box of Berry Soyjoys. (a box contains 6 bars)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Senses Will Never Be The Same

Vintage image of women dressed up for party

If you are a Georgia resident then have I got good news for you. I received an email about this sweep to win tickets to an invitation only skirt! night at Dialog In The Dark. Your Senses Will Never Be The Same. The Contest Begins: January 9, 2009 and Ends January 20, 2009

No purchase necessary.

Contest is open to Georgia residents 21 years old+. Only one entry per person. More than one entry per person will result in disqualification. You must enter your home phone number and/or your email address; failure to do so will result in disqualification.

25 winners will be selected to attend an invitation on skirt! night at Dialog in the Dark on January 27th, 2008. Winners will receive 2 invitations and be placed on a guest list. No substitution of prizes. Prizes are non-refundable and non-transferable. skirt! Magazine is not responsible is if the event is postponed or canceled. skirt! reserves the right to change or amend these rules at any time it deems appropriate.

In case of any disputes, the decision of skirt! Magazine is final.

Winners will be notified by phone or email on or before Thursday, January 22nd and must respond within 24 hours

Good Luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blog Contest experiment update

Man taking shower

Well how is it going on the blog sweepstakes experiment?

Well good news. I did receive a win of hand made soap from a contest I had entered before I began the experiment. So I was waiting to win something this year. Here it is, the 11th day of January and I won. OMG Cathy, what did you win? Did you win one of those video games? I know you won one of those list makers right? Well I won't make you twist in the wind. I won the GymSoap giveaway. Interestingly enough I was notified that I will not be eligible to win a giveaway at Bloggy Giveaways for 30 days...but after that everything is fair game.

Want to know more about GymSoap? It is an antibacterial, antifungal body wash. Created with athletes and gym-goers in mind, it’s effective for anyone that might encounter germs, bacteria, or fungus on a regular basis. It kills harmful germs, bacteria and fungus before they have a fighting chance. Stop nasty diseases like ringworm, athlete’s foot, or staph infections before they begin. GymSoap™ has a neutral fragrance, is tough on germs, but gentle enough to use daily.

So this begs the question. Do I give up on the experiment or continue on to see if I win more blog contests this year than any other kinds. Originally I was looking to see how long it would take me to win a blog contest if I really focused on winning them. So now you know. What do you think? Should I keep it up to see which kind of contest I can win most from?

I’d love to hear from you.

The Big Announcement


PlanetX64 bills itself as a site that provides hardware and software for the 64 bit world. It is a great site for Technology News Guides and Editorials. It was there that Catherine discovered the HP Magic Giveaway. HP and Microsoft. were giving away $6,000 worth of gear, including four computers (a 25 inch touchscreen desktop, two laptops and HP’s newest Netbook), a media extender, printer and a bunch of software/DVDs). Entrants had to create a slideshow showing the magic of giving and write an essay about the difference such a prize would make in the life of others.

Catherine is a Business Teacher at Rome High School. She teaches an Entrepreneurship class and four of her students have gone on to start their own businesses. She recently began blogging because of its application for marketing. Her blog “Thrifty Maven” ( informs its readers of great deals and money saving ideas.

Word of Mouth is a tremendously powerful form of advertising and Blogs are an incredible tool for disseminating information. She knew right away what a wonderful addition an HP Notebook would make in her classroom. So she decided to enter this giveaway, hoping to win a computer for use in her classroom and for her youngest son who will be leaving for Iraq in February.

Some sixty-four of the Fortune 500 companies are blogging. Blogs can be a powerful marketing tool. "No one listens anymore to sanitized marketing messages. If you find the right person in your organization to “blog” about your products or services you’ll brand your company as authentic and knowledgeable," says Debbie Weil, publisher of WordBiz Report.

Catherine is excited that she will be able to use some of the great HP technology in her classroom. Rome High School was recently recognized by US News and World Report and recognized last year for having the highest SAT scores in the state of Georgia. “I think we are still Rome’s best kept secret.” says Catherine. “We have amazing teachers, committed administrators, and our students want to succeed.”

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Save Money When Eating Out

Thinkstock Single Image Set

When Mr. Thrifty and I go out to eat we always check to see if we have gift cards for a restaurant or coupons that offer buy one get one free entrees. We don't eat out much these days. This weekend my youngest son was down visiting and we wanted to take him out to eat before he left. It turned out that IHop has their All You Can Eat Pancake Deal going on AND we were able to combine this with a coupon for buy one entree get one free. Each of us ordered the two egg, hash browns, and all you can eat pancakes that went for $4.99. My husband, son and I were all able to come out completely stuffed to the gills for $17.83 including the tip.

This morning was very hectic with grocery shopping, CVS, my son leaving, and a meeting of our local Atlanta Peach Sweepers (more on them later). We decided to eat a big lunch and skip dinner.

We used a coupon found in today's paper for Ruby Tuesdays. They offered a buy on get one free off any specialty entree, steak, or ribs (really this amounted to almost anything on the menu except for lunch specials or burgers). We ordered the steak dinner which included all their all you can eat salad bar, two sides, onion straws and 12 oz rib eye steak. Usually I am full by the time I've eaten their salad bar. I think it's one of the best!!!! The bill was $24 total including tip.

My husband and I have a policy of tipping our waitress based on what the bill would have been if we had not used a coupon rather than what the bill came to after using the coupon. I used to work as a waitress and I really know what a stressful job this can be. Mr. Thrifty rewards good service and does not feel that it's not fair to be cheap at the expense of the waitress.

Today I received an email from Ryan's that I wanted to share with you.

It's been another year since you joined the club? Already? Wow, that was fast! We appreciate customers like you and hope you've enjoyed being a member. And to celebrate a great year, we'd like to offer you: One FREE buffet meal with the purchase of one adult buffet meal.

The email told me I could share this with my friends but when you clicked the link it sent my son a link asking him to join their mailing list. I have more than one email address. I use one for my contests and another for school and another for special things like restaurant mailing lists. So although you might not want to send them your regular email address you could have it sent to an email account set up for just such a purpose. Check that email periodically.

No Ryans near you? No problem. It appears this offer is valid at Fire Mountain, Country Buffet, Old Country Buffet, and Hometown Buffet. So check out their site, get on their email list and occasionally you will receive a free meal in your inbox.

Now let me take a couple of minutes to tell you about the Atlanta Peach Sweepers. For those of you who have been following my blog you know I sweep. I can't believe that I was fortunate enough to be a part of this incredible group of people. These are people that understand when I use sweep as a verb and a noun. Sweeping can be an incredible past time that allows you to experience things you might not otherwise experience as well as meet some pretty wonderful people. I hope to write an article about the Atlanta Peach Sweepers soon. So check back.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Backpack From Barnes and Noble

Get A Free Back Pack When You buy $100 or more from Barnes and Noble. So if someone was very generous to you this Christmas and gave you a $100 gift card, here’s a chance to treat yourself to something extra when you use that gift card.

How to Get Your Backpack:
1. Place $100 of qualifying items in your cart.
2. Go to the Backpack Product Page and add the Bag to your Cart.
3. Proceed to checkout.

See Offer Details

Product Details: Description Designed exclusively for Barnes & Noble customers, our new Traveler Backpack is the perfect bag for carrying your books to class or your gear to the gym. It's light-weight and strong, with re-enforced padding in the back and on the shoulder straps. Includes 3 compartments to help you stay organized.

Features: Large main compartment for your books and belongings Two smaller compartments in the front for your CD or MP3 Player. Two mesh side pockets Reinforced padding on the back for extra comfort

A Free Starbucks Sample Party On January 13, 2009

Thinkstock Single Image Set

A friend gave me a coupon for a free tall cup of Tazo Tea Lattes so this morning I tried the Vanilla Rooibos Tazo Tea Latte. For me the description of the drink sounded far better than the actual taste. It is described as a full leaf African rooibos tea (naturally caffeine free), also known as red tea, paired with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. Sweetened with classic syrup and topped with steamed milk and velvety foam. Now doesn’t that sound yummy? The price, not so much.

As I said mine was free but I don’t think I will be headed back to spend my money there. I was also given a card which allows me to get a tall Tao Tea Latte or Tazo Tea Infusion for $2 after 2 pm.. If you are feeling Starbucks deprived I did receive an email invitation letting me know that my local Starbucks would be holding a Tea Time Event on January 13, 2009 at 2 pm. It will have complimentary tea and food samples.

Here’s the low-down if you want to sample their tea and are uncertain which one to ask for. Remember, be thrifty have someone look for the free coupon for you or just attend the free sample event. Keep hold of your wallet. Most of the tea offerings are less than 200 calories for a tall size (12 fl oz) and most provide more antioxidants than an 8-ounce glass of orange juice, which are essential to protecting the body’s immune system.

Starbucks new Full Leaf Tazo® Tea Lattes are our first handcrafted tea offerings to use full-leaf tea bags in our stores, allowing customers to steep to their own taste preferences. Starbucks Tea Lattes are made from a soothing combination of steamed milk and Tazo® tea and are available in three new varieties:

Vanilla Rooibos Tazo® Tea Latte
A caffeine-free South African botantical carefully blended with vanilla and spices.

London Fog Tazo® Tea Latte
Delicate, floral earl grey tea with Italian bergamot, vanilla and lavender.

Black Tazo® Tea Latte
With a bold, invigorating aroma, black tea has hints of dark caramel, malt and black cherries.

Berry Chai Tazo Tea Infusion
A handcrafted blend of berry juices, Tazo® tea and exotic spices.

Apple Chai Tazo® Tea Infusion
Crisp apples meet black tea and exotic spices.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starbucks New Teas at Special Price

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Offer valid for tall (12 fl oz) tea lattes only at participating US and Canada Starbucks locations from 1/6/09 to 1/18/09. Limit one per customer per day. Must pay with a registered Starbucks Card. Offer not valid with Starbucks Gold cards. Offer not valid at Barnes & Noble locations.

This email is sent from an account we use for sending messages only. So if you want to contact us, don't reply to this email - we won't get your response. Instead, use this web form or mail your comments to PO Box 34067, Seattle, WA 98124-1067. Thanks.

Copyright © 2009 Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved. Terms of Use | Privacy Statement

Get Your Free Lunch Cooler Bag

Be one of the first 1,000 people to complete the following steps and receive your Free Lunch Cooler Bag:
1. Purchase three (3) Healthy Ones lunchmeat products.
2. Remove the UPC Barcode from each package OR circle the three (3) Healthy Ones products and prices on the original cash register receipt(s).
(Copies not accepted)
3. Print the downloadable order form and complete all information requested OR provide on a piece of paper the following information:

Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, E-mail address (Optional), Phone Number (only used if there are questions about the information supplied for completing the lunch bag offer. Phone number will not be distributed, sold or used for any other purpose)

Enclose UPC’s (or original cash register receipt) AND completed form (or mailing address information) in an envelop and mail before March 2, 2009 to:

Healthy Ones Blue Bag Offer
PO Box 490266
El Paso, TX 88549-0266

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year New You

Holidays & Occasions

In this week’s coupon section featured a New Year, New Year Sweepstakes. The grand prize is a spa trip for two which includes round trip air transportation on AirTran Airways, three nights hotel accommodations at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood , Florida and one spa treatment for each grand prize winner and guest. (APR $2,325). There are ten first prizes consisting of a three piece luggage set from Heys USA (ARV $840). There are twenty second prizes which consist of a pair of pro series Kangaroo Jumps (ARV $229). There was an entry blank if you want to send it in as a snail mail or your can enter with a 3 x 5 piece of paper and mail your entry to: SmartSource New Year, New You. PO Box 4085 Grand Rapids , MN 55730-4085 You can also enter online at

Monday, January 5, 2009

Switch on the Savings

Light bulb

When I was going through this week’s coupons I found the New Year’s Resolution Switch on the Savings Sweepstakes. You can register at for your chance to win $2,000 in cash towards one year’s worth of energy bills or one of hundreds of other prizes.

No purchase necessary to enter and void where prohibited. The sweepstakes begins at 12:00 AM (ET) on December 29, 2008 and ends on February 28, 2009 at 11:59 PM (ET). You must be a legal resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who is 21 or older.

The site also has some coupons so check it out today!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


The following items have been recalled by their manufacturers in coooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (CPSC).

1. Name of Product: Young Colors Children’s Hooded Jackets

Hazard: The jackets have drawstrings through the hood and at the waist. Children can get entangled in the drawstrings that can catch on playground equipment, fences or tree branches. In February 1996, CPSC issued guidelines (pdf) to help prevent children from strangling or getting entangled on the neck and waist drawstring in upper garments, such as jackets and sweatshirts. From 1985 through June 2008, CPSC received reports of 27 deaths and 70 non-fatal incidents involving the entanglement of children’s clothing drawstrings.

2. Target Recalls Dive Sticks Due to Impalement Hazard

Hazard: The recalled dive sticks could remain in an upright position, posing an impalement hazard to young children. CPSC banned pre-weighted dive sticks in 2001.

3. Children's Necklaces Sold Exclusively at Claire's Stores Recalled Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard

Hazard: The recalled necklaces contain high levels of lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.

4. Hallmark Gold Crown snowmen globes. Approximately 7,000 snowman snow globes were recalled Tuesday for posing a fire hazard. The transparent globes at the center of these snowman-shaped knickknacks can magnify the intensity of sunlight passing through the glass, causing nearby objects to catch on fire. Importer Hallmark Cards Inc. of Kansas City, Mo., has received two reports of these Chinese-made globes causing surrounding objects to ignite. The snowmen globes were sold at Hallmark Gold Crown stores around the country in October and November. They can be returned for a full refund.

For more information, call 800-425-5627 .

5. About 2,800 calypso steel drums, manufactured in Trinidad by Woodstock Percussion Inc. of Shokan, N.Y., because the surface paint contains high levels of lead, which is toxic if ingested by young children. No injuries have been reported. The drums were sold online, through mail order catalogues and at retail stores around the country between December 2006 and December 2007. Details: by phone at 866-543-2848; by Web at and

6. Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin is alerting Georgians to the recall of some cocoa products due to possible melamine contamination.

• G&J Hot Cocoa Stuffer Item 120144 (UPC 061361201444). This hot cocoa product was sold in small green and blue boxes with a backer card, candy cane and marshmallows.

• G&J His and Hers Hot Cocoa Set Item 120129 (UPC 489702201296). This cocoa product was sold with two ceramic mugs in a brown box.

• G&J Cocoa item 120126, sold in two flavors: French Vanilla Cocoa and Double Chocolate Cocoa. The G&J French Vanilla Cocoa (UPC 061361201260) was sold in a small green bag with a whisk attached. The G&J Double Chocolate Cocoa (UPC 061361201260) was sold in a small pink bag with a whisk attached.

The recalled products were imported into the U.S. by DMI and distributed nationwide to Big Lots during the weeks of September 22, 2008 and September 29, 2008 and to Shopko during the week of October 10, 2008.

Consumers who purchased these products are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a refund. Consumers with questions may contact DMI Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST toll free at 1-888-645-1053 or e-mail

7. GE®, GE Profile™, Monogram® and Kenmore® Wall Ovens

Hazard: The extreme heat used in the self-clean cycle can escape, if the wall oven door is removed and incorrectly re-attached by the installer or the consumer. This can pose a fire and burn hazard to consumers.

8. Arizona® Newborn and Infant Denim Pants

Hazard: The metal snap at the waist can detach posing a choking hazard to infants. Description: The recall involves Arizona® brand newborn and infant girl’s and boy’s denim pants. They were sold in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months. Only those pants made in Bangladesh are affected; pants made in China are not included in the recall. The country of origin is located on a label sewn into the waistband. Consumer Contact: For more information, contact JCPenney toll-free at (888) 333-6063 anytime or visit JCPenney’s Web.

9. Recall to Repair 985,000 Delta Enterprise Drop Side Cribs; Missing Safety Pegs Can Cause Entrapment and Suffocation Hazards.

When the safety pegs in the base of each leg of the crib are missing from the lower track, the crib locks can disengage and detach if lowered below the peg hole, creating a hazardous gap. This gap can lead to the entrapment and suffocation of an infant or toddler.

CPSC staff is aware of a death of an 8-month-old child who became entrapped and suffocated when the drop side of the crib detached in a reassembled crib where the safety pegs were not installed. CPSC is also aware of two entrapments and nine disengagement incidents in cribs where the safety pegs were missing.

The recall involves all Delta cribs manufactured in Taiwan or Indonesia, with the “Crib Trigger Lock with Safety Peg” drop side hardware design. These model numbers and country of origin can be located on the mattress support board label: 4320, 4340, 4500, 4520, 4530, 4532, 4540, 4542, 4550, 4551, 4580, 4600, 4620, 4624 (production dates 01/06 thru 11/07), 4640, 4660, 4720, 4735, 4742, 4750 (production dates 01/95 thru 12/00), 4760, 4770, 4780, 4790, 4820, 4840, 4850, 4860, 4880, 4890, 4892, 4900, 4910, 4920, 4925-2, 4925-6, 4930, 4940, 4943, 4944, 4947, 4948, 4949, 4950, 4958, 4963, 4968, 4969, 4980.

The recalled cribs have date codes ranging from 1995 through December 2005 and one model (4624) was made in 2007. The model numbers are located on the top of the mattress support board.

CPSC and Delta urge parents and caregivers to immediately stop using cribs that are missing a safety peg on any leg of the crib and contact Delta to receive a free, easy-to-install repair kit. The kit will include safety pegs in a bold color and warning labels to be affixed to the mattress board. Consumers with cribs that have all safety pegs installed may continue to use the cribs; however, CPSC recommends that these consumers contact Delta for the repair kit for future assembly purposes. Call Delta toll-free at (1-800-816-5304) anytime after 5pm today or log on to order the free replacement kit.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to find a safe, alternative sleep environment for their child if their recalled crib is missing safety pegs.

10. Century Cookware Stainless Steel Stockpots

Hazard: The stainless steel pots have metal handles that can detach during use, posing a serious burn hazard to consumers. This recall involves the 8-quart, 12-quart, 16-quart, and 20-quart Century Cookware Stainless Steel Stockpots with glass lids. “Century Cookware” is marked on the front and on the bottom of each pot. For additional information, contact Ocean State Jobbers at (800) 603-9601 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday

Spa Treatments Anyone?

Woman with Facial Mask

Last year I won several gift certificates to different local spas. It was a pretty big treat for me but while I was sitting in the lobby waiting a woman checked in at the counter for her weekly facial. I glanced at the price list to see that she paid about $30 to $50 depending on which facial she received.

I happen to know you can make some of your own ALL NATURAL face scrubs at home for way less and I'm going to give you the recipes for some now.

Yougurt Sugar Scrub

Did you know that the lactic acid in yogurt smooths, softens, and hydrates your skin? Yogurt also has antibacterial properties and provides excellent cleansing properties

3 TBS baby oil
1 TBS plain unflavored yogurt
1 TBS white sugar


1. Mix ingredients and use as a body scrub/exfoliator.

Brown Sugar Scrub

Sugar contains gylcolic acids which are one of the natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates skin. Don't be surprised how soft your skin will feel


1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/4 cup of almond oil
1/4 cup of liquid Ivory hand soap
1/4 tsp of vanilla

Mix ingredients and use as a body scrub/exfoliator.

Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub
I read that when applied topically coffee helps to redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of cellulite. It also acts as a vasorestrictor, tightening and shrinking blood vessels thereby helping eliminate varicose veins. It has been used for years in spas in Hawaii.

1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
3 TBS fresh coffee grounds
5 tsp almond oil
5 tsp jojoba oil
2 tsp honey
1 tsp vitamin E
1 tsp vanilla


Mix ingredients and use as a body scrub/exfoliator.

Lemon Sugar Scrub

The lemon is rich in fruit acids and it’s all natural beautifying properties have been relied upon by many throughout the ages.


1 cup sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 TBS lemon zest (grated)


Mix ingredients and use as a body scrub/exfoliator.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free on and about Atlanta

Fulton County residents who show proof of residency may tour current exhibitions and the permanent collection. Admission to "The First Emperor," however, is subject to availability.

Info: 404-733-4444
Cost: Free

Web site

High Museum of Art
1280 Peachtree St. N.E.
Atlanta GA 30309

Holiday in Lights 2008
Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA
Info: 404-222-7275
Hours: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. daily.
Admission: Free.

Bob Greene to appear at the Walmart SuperCenter in Acworth, GA
Schedule: Thu, 1/8 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Bestselling author, exercise physiologist and former personal trainer of Oprah shares his latest books for better health, "The Best Life Diet" and "The Best Life Diet Cookbook."
Info: 770-966-1226
address: 3826 Cobb Parkway
Acworth GA 30101
Cost: Free

Jill Conner Browne (of Sweet Potato Queen Fame)
Fri, 1/16 7:00 pm
Barnes & Noble-Alpharetta
7660 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta GA 30022
Profile: The Royal Queen of the Sweet Potato Queens of Jackson, Miss., discusses and signs her new book, "American Thighs: The Sweet Potato Queens' Guide to Preserving Your Assets."
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One of the resorts I've always wanted to go to was Sandals. They advertise heavily in Bridal magazines but it isn't just for newly weds. Mr. Thrifty and I have been amazed to see how low the major resorts are pricing their rooms. This October, when we went to St. Lucia, we learned how much this recession is hurting the Caribbean Islands. Now is the time to go if you can swing it.

Live, Love, Save. End-of-the-Year Sale. Save up to 60% (check your desired location) when you book a Sandals Luxury Included® vacation of 3 nights or longer before January 15th, 2009. Get FREE NIGHTS when you stay 6 or 7 nights (or longer) in a qualifying suite category in one of the following resorts: Exclusive offer: Stay 7 nights or longer in most room categories at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios and receive a $250 spa certificate.

Sandals includes:

All meals, anytime snacks

Unlimited premium drinks

Fine dining

Scuba diving


Land sports

Golf in Jamaica & St. Lucia

Luxurious rooms & suites

Taxes, tips & gratuities

Airport transfers

Exchange privileges

Thursday, January 1, 2009

United Disney Vacation Special

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Current promotions
Buy 4 Nights & Get 3 For Free including Walt Disney World Gift Card*, Room & Park Tickets

Benefits Of Staying Onsite At A WDW Resort

Kids Stay Free

Sport's Resort: 1701 West Buena Vista Drive; Music Resort: 1801 West Buena Vista Drive; Movies Resort:1901 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Visa, FL USA

Current promotions

Buy 4 Nights & Get 3 For Free including Walt Disney World Gift Card*, Room & Park Tickets
Valid booking dates: Nov 11, 2008-Jan 24, 2009
Valid travel dates: Jan 4, 2009-Jun 27, 2009
Guests who stay at a Walt Disney World Resort for 5 nights will receive 1 night free.
Stay 6 nights and receive 2 free nights.
Stay 7 - 10 nights and receive 3 free nights.

All packages will also receive upgraded Walt Disney World park tickets.
*Stay between Jan 4 and March 29, 2009 and also receive a $200 Walt Disney World Gift Card at check-in. One gift card per room per stay.

This promotion is automatically included when you book your vacation. Restrictions may apply.

Not combinable with any other offers or promotions
5-night minimum / 10-night maximum
Applicable to all Walt Disney World resorts
Valid only for Walt Disney World resort SALE room categories
Walt Disney World theme park tickets are mandatory.
Group restrictions may apply.
Travel dates must fall within valid dates to receive this savings.
Unused portions of the Gift Card are non-refundable, non-transferable.
Benefits Of Staying Onsite At A WDW Resort
Valid booking dates: Nov 12, 2008-Dec 31, 2010
Valid travel dates: Nov 12, 2008-Dec 31, 2010
Begin your vacation the moment you step off the plane at Orlando International Airport! Experience the comfort and convenience of our free roundtrip airport transportation and baggage delivery service, available to you as a Guest of a select Walt Disney World® Resort hotel.

Each day, one of the Disney theme parks opens an hour early or stays open up to three hours after regular Park closing so Walt Disney World® Resort Guests can enjoy access to select attractions (during the cooler parts of the day) while experiencing all the magic at an easy, more comfortable pace. And magic is never more sparkling than at night in the Theme Parks!

Save time and money and avoid the hassle of driving and parking thanks to free transportation throughout Walt Disney World® Resort, available to you as a Guest of a select Walt Disney World® Resort hotel.

This all-in-one card is your magical passport to a hassle-free vacation and acts as your hotel room key and Theme Park ticket. But that's not all. Use the card to charge souvenirs throughout Walt Disney World® Resort directly to your room so there's no need to carry money while enjoying your dream vacation. Present your card to a select Disney Cast Member to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours benefit. And if you've purchased the Disney Dining Plan, use the card during your vacation to pay for meals at over 100 select locations throughout Walt Disney World® Resort.

Don't carry your packages or souvenirs around all day! Disney Resort Guests can enjoy the convenience of having purchases from select Disney shops delivered right to their Disney Resort hotel so they can focus on having fun.
Kids Stay Free

Animal Kingdom® Resort Area