Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's Free Under The Tree

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Like so many others, we’ve cut way back on spending this Christmas. Then again I’ve always been able to buy super gifts that have the Wow factor for the recipient without the Oww factor for my wallet. Let me share what’s under the Thrifty Maven’s tree this year.

For hubby there is an 11x14 collage photo poster from Snapfish. I bought it when they were running a special for free shipping and I was able to use a credit I had for a free poster. Mr. Thrifty and I have been married for seven years now and I thought he’d appreciate a collage of happy moments we have spent together. The other gift he will be opening come Christmas day is a mouse pad which features a photo of us taken on our last vacation. This was another free credit I had earned on Snapfish and I ordered it when I ordered the poster. I was also able to take advantage of a promotion advertised on Oprah for a free 8x10 hard covered photo book. Hubby and I had won a weeks’ vacation at an all inclusive resort in St. Lucia and I used the pictures from this vacation to create a unique gift. Out of pocket for hubby this year? ZERO dollars but don’t tell him because he’ll think I spent a fortune.

Hubby has learned a thing or two because I do know that I’m receiving something from Victoria’s Secret. He’s not as good at keeping secrets and besides I had to go with him to pick my gifts out. I’m really big on shopping for gifts all year. This is a HUGE savings. Twice this year Victoria Secret sent us a coupon for a free pair of panties. They even put the panties in the cute pink bags and I’ve spied them under the tree.

The grandkids reaped HUGE benefits this year from my sweeping hobby. They received those Indiana Jones Lego sets. Altogether these Lego sets were valued at over $300. I won them though but the grandkids won’t care if I won them or bought them. Total out of pocket for their gift, $20 and that was for shipping.
Speaking of wins I sent the boys gift cards that I won. Dan, my oldest received a $100 gift card from AMC Bowling Centers. Michael received a $25 gift card from Barnes and Noble and a $25 gift card from iTunes. Total cost of their gift under a dollar for stamps.

The big gifts this year haven't arrived yet and are free!!!!!!!! I won FOUR computers. Hubby will be getting a new touch screen, the boys will each be receiving a new HP notebook computer, and I will be gettng a new notebook computer and printer. This was an amazing blog contest and as soon as I receive this prize I will tell you more about it.

I realize not everyone enters sweepstakes and contests but if you are interested I will be posting articles about sweeping.

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