Friday, December 12, 2008

Hooked on Reading

Thrifty Jinxy

Hi I'm Cathy and I'm addicted to reading. I can't go anywhere without a book. If I'm without a book for too long a period I go through withdrawals.

Perhaps you know someone like me. Is this person on your Christmas List? Not certain just what book to buy your bibliophile? Well have I got good news for you. Thrifty Jinxy turned me on to a book club after my own heart.

It's called Book Swim. You can rent hardcover and paperback books and the best part is they are sent directly to your house. My husband and I have netflix and this works the same way. You request a book you receive a book. You read the book. You return the book.

Worried about shipping? Don't be shipping is FREE both ways!!!!

Late fees? NOPE There are no late fees or due dates.

What about choices?

They're all here, best sellers, the classics, new releases and so much more. As a matter of fact on the home page one of the featured books is a book I read last month. The Black Swan. Very interesting book, oh there's some math involved but this book really gets your mind working. For example, what are the odds of flipping one coin 50 consecutive times and having it land heads up each and every time. No I'm talking about a real coin with a heads and a tails. Why is this worth knowing? Read the book and find out.

What about price?

You can get your first month of unlimited books (3 books at a time) for only $9.99

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